Every day children are trained for war, fight in war, and die in war.
There are an estimated 250,000 children being used as soldiers right now.

We would never stand for it here. So why are we letting it happen there?

It’s time for us to get informed and take action.
Find out how you can help war-affected children all over the world.


What is a child soldier?

A boy or girl under the age of 18 who has been forced into fighting with rebel groups, government armies or militias. Duties for a child soldier include anything from armed fighting and combing for landmines to sexual exploitation and abuse. Those who survive are left with life-long trauma.

Unfortunately, it’s not just child soldiers who are affected by war. All children living in areas of conflict are at risk of being killed, injured or traumatized. There are more than 30 wars happening in the world right now. Some you read about, most you don’t.

Who is War Child Canada?

War Child Canada is a registered charity that provides humanitarian assistance to children affected by war and generates awareness, support and action for children’s rights everywhere.

Our international projects support children in or from war-affected areas. We are recognized for the positive impact we have on children as well as for our innovative approaches to international development. We have programs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur (Sudan), Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, northern Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and more.

War Child Canada also aims to empower young Canadians to become effective leaders in local, national and international arenas, and to mobilize them on Canada’s global priorities.