Sierra Leone

Capacity Building for Peace

Sierra Leone is still recovering from a decade of civil war which destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure and resulted in the displacement of more than two million people. 

Children were particularly affected by the violence with many losing family members and being subjected to physical violence or sexual abuse. Since peace building and rehabilitation efforts began in 2002, the security situation has slowly stablilzed. However, children and youth still continue to struggle due to violations of their rights, limited educational and employment opportunities, and high incidences of sexual and gender-based violence. 

War Child has been working to remedy this along with Artists United for Children and Youth Development (AUCAYD) - a local youth run non-profit organization that uses the arts, media, technology and culture to engage and mobilize youth on pressing social issues. 

Since, 2009, War Child has provided AUCAYD with training and capacity building support which has helped the organization establish a community resource centre and produce advocacy documentaries, short films and music to discuss issues facing children and youth. In addition, War Child has helped develop the AUCAYD school network which engages hundreds of youth to address social issues among their peers and their wider communities.