We empower children living with armed conflict

Our Programs

Communities need more to survive than you think

Child-Friendly Spaces

We provide safe spaces for children to play, learn, seek help, and just be kids.

Catch-Up Learning

We help children who were forced to leave school to catch up on their education. Our teams develop condensed curriculums and train teachers in delivering these lessons.

Legal Aid for Women and Children

To protect their rights, our lawyers provide free legal representation to women and children who have survived violence and abuse.

Tools for Education

We give communities necessary supplies for education, like pencils, books, chairs, and handwashing facilities.

Rights Protection

We empower communities and local leaders to protect the rights of women and children through education and training.

Food and Farming Support

We support farming families so they can feed their communities. We provide supplies, including seeds and tools, and training, like livestock management and new farming techniques.


We teach conflict resolution to young people on both sides of a dispute so they can live and work peacefully.

New Business Support

We train and support young adults and women so that they can build local businesses and provide for their families.

Mental Health Support

We offer counselling to survivors of conflict to help them overcome trauma and build new lives.

We work with local communities to create environments where children can thrive

Our programs don’t disappear when the headlines do

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